Dan Thornton - American Landscape Painter

Realism coupled with impressionism are painterly qualities found in Dan Thornton's work, He has a keen awareness and profound appreciation for the art elements and design principles found in the natural world. Many of his paintings reflect a serenity he finds in the earth and sky, Dan's paintings do more than make luxurious décor for your home and office. They inspire.

Artist’s Background

Dan Thornton (1956 -- ) born in Southern California in the day when orange groves and avocado orchards occupied much of Orange County. In 1969, as agriculture was being replaced by urban expansion, his family moved to a small 30-acre farm eight miles outside Montrose, Colorado, where he developed his love for mountains, skies and wide open spaces. It was here in the Rocky Mountains where Dan discovered his interest in landscape painting.

Thornton's paintings have been exhibited in one-man shows, displayed in numerous juried art exhibits, and presented in fine art galleries in Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. He is a recipient of numerous awards for his paintings. Some of his works have been published in books, magazines, and brochures. Over a million reproductions of his painting, “Nauvoo, Illinois, mid 1840s” have been distributed in various printed formats.

Art Education

Dan Thornton received his Bachelor of Art and Secondary Education degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. While working on his undergraduate degree, Dan taught oil painting classes for Mesa College’s Continuing Education Program in Montrose, and he taught oil painting and drawing classes for Utah Valley Continuing Education, on the Provo and Orem campuses. Upon receiving his Bachelor Degree, he taught high school art and special education for the Provo School District.

Dan is the author of a creative thinking curriculum he later self-published as, “Drawing on Creativity, a self-improvement manual for developing creative thinking and problem solving skills.” Thornton is adamant for promoting the arts as a viable part of educating current and future generations.

Artist’s Point of View

“Just like learning to read and to write, to do basic arithmetic, and learning fundamental science, drawing, specifically learning how to draw, should be as much a part of every child’s core curriculum. Learning to draw develops two fundamental skill sets: observation and expression – as essential as learning to read! Learning how to better see the parts in relationship to the whole, and how to interpret their attributes. Eye-hand coordination, cognition and core emotional perception are all employed when you put a pencil to the paper and try to render any object placed before of you, or try to convey any idea formulated in your mind.”

“When the artist combines aesthetic elements with any principle of creation, however bold or subtle, the studious observer will begin to see the form and function of that principle not only in the artist’s work, but in everything around him”

Dan has traveled to lands the world over: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland not to mention coast-to-coast travels throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.

“I am grateful for the opportunity given me to visit many parts of America and around the world, and I have my favorite places. The setting where my wife and I now reside is truly among the beautiful ones we call home here in Southern Utah.”

Zuleica Brega-Thornton - Italian Artist

Zuleica Brega, after 33 years raising her family in the United States, is still a true Venetian. She grew up along the Grand Canal near the Pescheria market place not far from Il Ponte di Rialto in Venice, Italy. She studied art history and languages at Ca' Foscari University of Venice. From her youth she experienced the fine art of Italy and developed a keen eye for aesthetics and classical design. Zuleica paints Italian scenery working in acrylics and oils, painting depictions of Italian countryside and community life. She has a unique talent for drawing and painting people. She also enjoys photography.

Zuleica is fluent in several languages. She has taught Italian and Portuguese, and currently tutors in Italian.

Zuleica has traveled to Austria, Canada, England, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, and Switzerland not to mention coast-to-coast travels throughout the United States.